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Caorle is a town to be discovered: not only beach and sea but also history, art, fishing, tradition, nature, food and wine. Our locality is a seaside resort whose fine sandy beach stretches for 18 km, including the centre, Porto Santa Margherita, Altanea, Duna Verde and Brussa; it offers a wide range of services able to meet the requirements both of tourists and residents.

Aerea Caorle 2008

Here the visitor can breathe history: in fact, the origins of Caorle are documented by the Paleovenetic findings in San Gaetano and by the Roman remains brought to light both on the site and in the sea off the coast. The old town is a sort of “Venice in miniature” due to its narrow streets, little squares and houses painted in bright colours.

The cathedral, the cylindrical bell-tower (they both date back to the 11th century), and the sanctuary of Madonna dell’Angelo are the monuments that characterize Caorle: once an important town of the Serenissima Sea Republic, it still maintains its peculiar traditions linked to fishing. In fact, local people have always lived on fishing, first in the lagoon and then in the sea: it is still possible to see a lot of fishing-boats moored in the port and the fishermen at work there and at the fish market nearby. The lagoon is a protected naturalistic area, so dear to the American writer Ernest Hemingway, where the old fishermen’s huts,  lodges made of wood and swamp canes, are spread around.



Let us not forget that Caorle is also nicknamed “City of Sport”, due to the quality and the number of its facilities available both for national and international events. Our locality offers a great number of events, such as the symposium “ScoglieraViva - Sculptures on the rocks”,  which has taken place every two years during the month of June since 1993, so that the reef has been transformed over time in an open air museum open all year round.
Last but not least, I would like to mention “La Luna nel pozzo”, an international festival devoted to the art of busking and street performance, taking place every year at the beginning of September, and the Feast of the Madonna dell’Angelo, a religious procession on the sea followed by thousands of people, which is held every five years.

8th June 2016

Avv. Luciano Striuli
Mayor of Caorle